Oasis reunion rumours return after ‘reserved for Noel’ seat spotted at Liam Gallagher gig

We've been down this road so many times before, we know, but we can keep dreaming, can't we?...

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 13th June 2024

It’s that time again: whether you’re bored of it or not, rumours surrounding a potential Oasis reunion are once again circling after a sign reading “reserved for Noel” was spotted at a recent Liam Gallagher gig.

Liam is currently on tour here in the UK playing Definitely Maybe in full for the debut album’s 30th anniversary – set to arrive for the first of four shows in Manchester this weekend – and has now played all four of his dates at The O2 in London.

And, given that his estranged sibling lives predominantly in London and has been there ever since the mid-1990s, many fans are now speculating whether the younger Gallagher left Noel an open invitation to come to his show after the aforementioned sign was spotted in the arena.

Well, sort of. Its origins are up for debate.

According to Simon Love (former frontman for the indie-pop band, The Loves), who was in town for Liam‘s gig on Tuesday night, the sign was left on the seat in front of him in the hospitality section.


However, one commenter was quick to claim, “Liam leaves one at every show, in the hope that one day, one day, Noel will show up…”, to which Love humorously responded, “Like Ricky Bobby” in reference to Will Ferrell’s character and his absentee father in Talladega Nights.

Nevertheless, a source close to Gallagher’s team told The Independent that Liam “had nothing to do with the reserved sign and it was likely ‘someone in hospitality having a wind-up'” – but then again he would say, that wouldn’t he!?…


All in all, the tongue-in-cheek response felt rather fitting as although many were hopeful there might be some substance to what was likely a prank by Love himself, even more were quick to dismiss this as little more than hot air. Liam did ultimately go on to meet up with another rock legend after the show though.

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Even if there is any semblance of truth to whether or not Liam reserved a seat for Noel at his gigs and the latter simply snubbed him, we’ll likely never know the real story, but we’d love to keep imagining that he leaves a sign out there every time just on the off chance.

It’s widely known that the pair’s ongoing feud isn’t expected to end anytime soon, no matter how many times Liam has offered a jokey but half-serious olive branch in an effort to give the fans what they want: an Oasis reunion.


As for ‘The Mighty I’, he’s busy playing his own shows and creating more music under the High Flying Birds moniker and has already insisted it would take some “extraordinary circumstances” for the two to get back together, though he did have one alternative suggestion.

That being said, Liam is still doing more than his bit to keep playing Oasis songs live to as many people as possible, with the 51-year-old already teasing more anniversary shows next year.

Featured Images — Stefan Brending (via Wikimedia Commons)/Raph_PH (via Flickr)