Aldi has slashed the price of prosecco to £3.99


Prosecco drinkers, there's even more reason to pop a bottle of bubbly now as Aldi has slashed costs of its bottles to £3.99.

The cut is a WHOPPING £1.01 cheaper than Iceland's current offer which was previously the best prosecco deal on the market.

The 75cl bottles of Castellore Prosecco Frizzante usually cost £5.49, and apparently taste of peach, pear and lemons - it's also said to be best enjoyed with seafood, if you're feeling a little more fancy than usual.


However, if you want to get your little mitts around one (or twenty) of these bottles of bubbly you'll need to hurry up because they've already sold out online - and are only available in stores for as long as the original stock lasts.

The deal will only last in stores until April 23, but will probably be over well before that, however if you do miss out, Iceland's current deal is a fiver (down from £10).

Basically, it's Friday, there's a great prosecco deal on at Aldi, and you should go and snap it up before everyone else in the North West whose had a shit week does so.

Find out more about the deal here, if you want.

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