Aldi selling pink gin and Pornstar Martini ice lollies in time for summer


Summer is almost here and Aldi has decided to bless us by relaunching their gin flavoured ice lollies.

The supermarket giant is bringing the fan favourites back just in time for the bank holiday weekend, and they promise to be quite the treat.


You can pick them up in a variety of flavours including classic G&T, Pink Gin and Passion Fruit. They contain real alcohol so shoppers will need to provide ID to get their hands on them.

Shoppers can pick them up for 75p a lolly or in a pack of four for just £2.99, which is a grand saving of 1p!

The lollies will be available in stores nationwide, and you can find your nearest one by using Aldi’s store finder.


And you can eat them guilt free as the G&T flavour is only 55 calories. The Pink Gin contains 79 calories and the Passion Fruit contains 80.

Aldi is also selling an electric patio heater with built-in speakers and colour-changing LED lights for all your outdoor parties and summer barbecue needs, but it might be best to get your sausages elsewhere.

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