Crazy Pedro’s is giving one lucky person free pizza for life

Crazy Pedro's, Bridge St

Popular pizza and booze institute Crazy Pedro's turned 5 last week, and with Christmas fast approaching, they're feeling pretty generous.

Very generous indeed. Because they're giving one lucky fan of the establishment a chance to win FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE. Eternity. Forever. Free pies for the rest of your existence on this planet.

All they want you to do is stick your name and email in a form. Not your fingerprint. Not your bank account details. Just your name and your email address. (I'll be doing it just as soon as I've finished writing this lol).

Crazy Pedro's

Peds has been top of Manchester's pizza premier league (this isn't a real thing) for the past 5 years and is famous for its mad toppings – so we'd suggest not missing out on this.

Even if you have plans for a January body transformation, you could always give it away as a gift? That would literally be the best Christmas present ever.

You can find Crazy Pedro's on Short Street in the Northern Quarter or on Short Street just off Deansgate. If you don't know, get to know.

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