Manchester restaurant serves full English in giant yorkshire pudding

Porky Pig

We’re raving about another breakfast item today, so again, if you were late for the train this morning and didn’t get chance for a cheeky sausage roll, look away now.

Well, we say breakfast item, we’re not quite sure what to call this, to be honest.

Porky Pig, the Manchester restaurant on Cooper Street in the city centre, serves a full English breakfast in a giant Yorkshire pudding and it looks to die for.

Porky Pig

It seeks to combine two of our country’s greatest delicacies and if I’m honest I’m really not sure we deserve it.

It’s served all day from Monday to Saturday and comes with sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, grilled tomato and beans. It also only costs £5.50.

Sparkle Motion / Flickr

Porky Pig is a pretty big deal in Manchester and is famed for its genius Yorkshire pudding wraps that have become very popular in the city. Even better, you can get them for as little as £5.50 also.

What a place, the food looks to die for.

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