McDonald’s breakfast hours might be extended across the country


It's good news for greasy breakfast fans, as McDonald's has announced that they might be extending their breakfast hours by a whopping 30 minutes!

That's right, no more punching the wall at 10.35am because you've missed out on a double sausage and egg McMuffin for the third weekend running, because the breakfast menu could soon run until 11am and it's going to change the game for a lot of hungover people.

Seven McDonald's chains are trialling the later finish today (12th June) and will do so for the next six weeks, but none of them are up north – or anywhere close whatsoever.


That's right, the main issue is that the trial restaurants are all on the south coast, which is an absolute tragedy. Basically, our fate lies in the hands of our mates down in Portsmouth and the Isle Of Wight.

But, if they do us proud, McDonald's has confirmed that they will consider a permanent change in its breakfast hours and that the 11am finish will become a legitimate thing.

And for those people who order their McDonald's on UberEats (me, more often that anyone ever should), you'll know that they close their menu 15 minutes early at 10.15. Well, this new change will mean you'll be able to use the app for your brekky at 10.45 latest. Result.

To the people of the south coast, do us proud. The pressure is literally on your shoulders – and possibly in your gut.

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