Morrisons selling full English breakfast in a bap for just £3


If you rolled out of bed late this morning and didn't get a chance for your daily Gregg's roll then you might want to look away now.

This beautiful, stomach-growl inducing bap from Morrisons is an absolute monster, and it costs just £3.

The humungous breakfast bap comes with 10 items included -  two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, two sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, a fried egg and grilled tomato - that’s an entire English breakfast.

Raver Mikey / Flickr

The bad boy has an extra-large seven-inch bap and weighs three-quarters of a kilo.

It’s believed that the item was created for busy folk that don’t have enough time to sit down and have a full breakfast. It can be eaten on the go and comes in a foil wrapping to keep it nice and warm.

You can get the delicious sandwich in Morrisons cafe, it was previously priced at £5 but the price has been slashed for a limited time only.


But the offer only lasts until Sunday the 2nd of June so you’ll need to be quick.

Please excuse me, I’m off to Morrisons.

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