The ten best places to eat in Manchester according to you, our audience


We are an outspoken bunch, us Mancunians, so getting a general consensus on something will always prove difficult. But it's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's something to be proud of.

Recently, on our Facebook page, we asked you guys a pretty simple question. If, for the rest of your days, you could only eat at one place in Manchester, where would you pick? The answers came flying in – and some, more than others.

The post received almost 1400 comments, including replies – most of which were people just people arguing with each other, obviously – and once everything had calmed down, we managed to extract 306 actual restaurant mentions from the post and carefully tallied up the numbers.

A Red's True BBQ feast

Below were the top ten most mentioned establishments, all of which you'll find in the city centre, all of which I've personally visited, and all of which I absolutely love eating at. So I'm completely vouching for this list – but, if you don't, then let us know what yours would be in our Facebook comments.

The top ten places to eat in Manchester, according to you

  1. Fazenda
  2. Almost Famous
  3. Red's True Barbecue
  4. Bem Brasil
  5. San Carlo
  6. Rudy's Pizza
  7. Cosmo Buffet
  8. Hawksmoor
  9. This and That
  10. Gaucho

The top three most mentioned restaurants were, in this order, Fazenda, Almost Famous and Red's True Barbecue – and we're not too surprised by that. All three of those places are packed most nights and have paved the way in recent years when it comes to their specific choice of cuisine.

Fazenda has nailed the art of Brazilian meat sweats. If you can walk out of there without worrying about getting back to your car on two feet, you've not experienced Fazenda at all. However, that's the same with the other two joints – with Almost Famous still being hailed as the burger masters of the North West and Red's True Barbecue almost feeling like a genuine American barbecue simulation.

Fazenda came top of the list

With that said, any one of the restaurants in the top ten list could take the crown on another day, and are all genuinely great places to eat, drink and enjoy a night out with friends (or your partner).

Which restaurant is your favourite? Which are missing? Let us know on Facebook. We care about the food and beverage industry in Manchester and we care about what YOU think.

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