The UK’s first and only ‘retro’ toastie restaurant is in Manchester

Frankie's Toasties / Instagram

Toasties are great.

I was going to add more to the intro but what more can I say, they are the ultimate comfort food, quick easy and absolutely delicious.

They’re also incredibly versatile, you can add pretty much anything you want, from cheese to beans to Nutella - even pineapple if you’re a certified, card-carrying psychopath. If you’re really dedicated you could even have a three course meal entirely out of toasties, the world truly is your oyster.

And if you love toasties, you’ll be pleased to hear that the UK’s first and only dedicated toastie restaurant is right here in Manchester.

Frankie’s Toasties is over on Portland Street, and even open at 7.30am during the week so you can grab a toastie for breakfast before work.

They offer a wide range of fillings, including Hot Dog, Steak ‘n’ Cheese, Cheesy Beans, English Breakfast, Super Noodle, Mars Bars, Nutella, Marshmallows & Digestive Biscuits, Caramac as well as loads more classics.

Yep, toasties are proper mint. End of.

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