This company wants to pay you to visit Christmas markets and drink mulled wine


You can get paid a tidy fee to taste-test the food and drink at this year’s Christmas markets.

ExpoCart - a platform selling equipment for exhibition stalls - are recruiting people from all over the country to review three markets a week, for fifty quid a pop.

You can even bring a friend for company - with ExpoCart covering their travel costs as well as yours.

Not a bad gig for some extra Christmas cash, eh?


The rules are as follows: You’ll need to spend at least one hour in every market, hit a minimum of three markets every seven days, and meet the age criteria of 18 or over.

You’ll also need a full driving license.

The role is, as you might expect, a temporary one - running from 6 December right up until Christmas Eve.


ExpoCart will need a 750-word report - packed with plenty of observations and images - for each market. These write-ups are due 10 January.

Needless to say, they're expecting a ton of applications, so if you fancy getting involved, fill out this form explaining why you deserve to be a professional tester.

Good luck!

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