You can get Greggs delivered straight to your house

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I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you, and I’ll start with the good news.

You can now get a Greggs delivered straight to your house, so kiss goodbye to your hangover blues as you no longer have to leave the sofa to get a sausage roll fix.

However, the bad news is that it’s only being trialled in a few cities, and so far Manchester isn’t one of them - although there is a way to get a Greggs delivery in our city.

At the moment, lucky bastards living in Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham and London can get deliveries via Just Eat and Deliveroo (Just Eat will deliver to London, Glasgow and Newcastle, Deliveroo to London, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle).

This raises a few questions, most importantly why the fuck has London been given two ways to get Greggs deliveries?

Newcastle I get, fair play I’m happy for them, but those bastards down south don’t appreciate the culinary finesse of a steak bake and certainly don’t deserve them being delivered to their doors.

Unisouth / Wikipedia

On a slightly happier note, you can actually get a Greggs delivery in Manchester, but it has to be in the city centre and there’s a minimum spend of £25 - that’s a lot of cheese and onion pasties but fuck it, I’m in.

If you sadly find yourself living in one of the locations above rather than Manchester, or if you’re just visiting, you can check out the Greggs website to see which delivery service is available where you are.

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