You can now get Baileys strawberries & cream flavour Leibniz biscuits


Baileys has collaborated with the makers of the cult-favourite Choco Leibniz biscuit to create a treat that's perfect for summer time.

Is there a more classic and much-loved combination than Strawberries & Cream?

First it was the turn of the brand new Baileys Strawberries & Cream cake and now it's the turn of the Baileys biscuit.

Teaming up with the creators of the cult-favourite Choco Leibniz biscuit, the Baileys x Bahlsen Stawberries & Cream Squares have just landed in stores across the UK and they sound absolutely incredible.

They promise to capture the flavour of the Irish cream liqueur's popular Strawberries & Cream edition, but in biscuit form.

According to the product description, you can expect a velvety smooth Strawberries & Cream Baileys infused layer that is sandwiched between milk chocolate and a crispy wafer to create this crowd-pleasing new biscuit combination.


The Baileys x Bahlsen Stawberries & Cream Squares are retailing at just £1.25 for a box, so you won't need to breaking the bank to indulge.

They are limited edition though, so you'll need to act fast.

The slight catch here is that these new biscuits are exclusively available from to purchase from Waitrose stores across the UK. Whilst we don't have too many branches in close proximity to Greater Manchester, don't worry as you can order them from the Waitrose website here.

To find your closest Waitrose store and to check relevant opening times before making any trips, do refer to the Branch Finder.