The Manc - Ten incredible Liam Gallagher tweets about the coronavirus outbreak"

Ten incredible Liam Gallagher tweets about the coronavirus outbreak


Bit of an odd headline that? Hear us out.

Liam loves a tweet.

He really does. Out of all the Gallagher brothers, Twitter is Liam's playground. It's not that Noel (or his management team) doesn't love a tweet, it's just that he doesn't tweet quite like Liam.

On average, Liam tweets about 127657 times a day. Whether he's launching a barrage of insults toward his older brother, constantly dangling the 'Oasis reunion' carrot in front of fans' eyes or more recently, declaring his love for iconic British pastry sweet treats, he simply does just love a tweet.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently sweeping the globe is no different either. Liam is still tweeting and he's tweeting a lot.

So with all that said, and in attempt to stick a smile on your face during trying times, here are 10 Liam Gallagher tweets from the last few weeks that are an absolute mood amid the coronavirus outbreak.


1. Wash yer hands and scrub yer toes

Essentially LG's version of a PSA. We'll all be washing our hands to 'Live Forever' Liam, don't worry.

2. Get on it

If the drinking wasn't enforced from the last tweet, this one's a bit more of a punch in the face and also very much, a mood.

3. A classic

The sun's come out just in time for self-isolation. Great.

As Mancs, we're pretty much incapable of saying this word any other way, right?

4. A song of the times

Liam's contribution to the COVID-19 playlists knocking about at the moment. An underrated John Lennon tune.

5. Need a tissue mate?

Yes yes, we know sneezing isn't a symptom of coronavirus but even without context, it's still a funny tweet.

6. Spontaneous

When you have a brew in the garden, but you're supposed to be self-isolating.

7. He's not wrong

As random as it is right now, where's the lie? Cherry or no cherry though LG? That's the question.

8. That's angin' that

When the whole house is self-isolating for 14 days.

9. You can say that again

A big mood. Say it louder for the 'social distancers' and 'self-isolaters' in the back there Liam.

10. Speaking for everyone

Honestly, the biggest mood of all. The world is asking this countless times a day.


11. The bonus tweet

Because it's a bloody good one and we know a few of you'll relate to it.


As you were, The Manc x

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