Babies born with big heads more likely to be successful, according to study

Let's be honest, if you didn't have a mate (or two) growing up with a massive head, it was likely to be you, and you either ridiculed them, or were ridiculed for it. It's just a part of adolescence.

Well, if you were in THAT club, you can rest easily now, but I'm sure you already do due to carrying that whopper of a head around all day.

Researchers have suggested that big headed babies have more of a chance than most at living a successful life and becoming educated, because they are naturally far more intelligent.

In much simpler terms, that giant bonce of yours contains a much bigger brain and more brain cells than the average pea head roaming the streets.

UK Biobank are the guys behind the research. They recently performed a study which investigated the relation of genetic predisposition and environmental exposure to developing diseases. Basically, higher intelligence is connected to having a larger skull circumference.

The company actually monitors around 500,000 people in the UK in order to determine their research and the link between their genes and physical and mental health.

The data is then analysed by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, with participant's verbal and numerical skills, reaction time and memory being tested.

But, at this point, I imagine you normal headed people are extremely bored by now - so I'll wrap it up. If you have a whopper of a noggin, congratulations, you're a superior human being.

And if you'd like to read more into the study, you can do so here.

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