Canadian tourist says Salford is the most ‘run down dump’ they’ve ever visited

Ian Roberts / Wikimedia

Poor old Salford, it gets a bad press but surely it isn’t the most run down place in the developed world?

Well that’s what one Canadian visitor to Greater Manchester thinks, and they wrote a whole article going into the details.

The 22-year-old was visiting the UK on their gap year, and after struggling to find somewhere to live in London they came up to Manchester as a friend from up North recommended it - a very wise friend indeed.

Keith Williamson / Geograph

After coming to check out the city, the Canadian found a spot in Salford for a decent price (they’d only seen MediaCity before moving to the area, so definitely weren’t prepared for deepest, darkest Salford).

They wrote:

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling, but I’ve never witnessed anywhere as run down in a developed country as this. There’s garbage everywhere, I always feel like I have to be on my guard, I’ve seen someone get curb stomped, and I’ve had someone attempt to break into my house.
Mikey / Flickr

Not content to leave it there, they continued by saying Salford is the only place they’ve visited that they can call a dump, adding that it’s: “a miserable hellhole.”

Conversely, they say they’re going to miss Manchester, writing: “The people are friendly, the Northern Quarter is awesome, and I always happen to meet new people when I go out for a pint.”

Sorry Salford, looks like it’s not your day... Here's the full article.

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