Manchester named fourth friendliest city in the UK

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I’m probably a bit biased, but I’d have to say that Mancunians are an extremely friendly lot.

I’d even go as far as to say the friendliest in the whole of the UK, but according to travel site Big 7 we’re only 4th most friendly.

Outrageous, I know, but they did have some nice things to say about us so I’ll let them off. This what they had to say:

One of the friendliest cities in England is Manchester, thanks to its exuberant vibe and a multicultural mix of residents. It’s an easy city to find your way around, with plenty of bars and social spots where you will find yourself chatting to locals.
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Big 7 asked their social audience of 1.5 million people ‘where you would find the friendliest cities in the UK’, and they knocked up a top 50.

Up at the bottom is Belfast, which is officially the unfriendliest city in the UK, closely followed by London at 49th - the only surprise there is the capital wasn’t right at the bottom, the rude, miserable bastards.

Weirdly - considering Manchester came 4th - Salford only managed an embarrassing 39th place, and according to Big 7: “It’s not the most culturally vibrant city, but local open mike [sic] nights and community events are helping to bring people together. People might not instantly become your best buddy here, but the younger generation are especially warm to strangers.”

David Dixon / Geograph

Up the other end, the rest of the top five is made up of Bath (5th), York (3rd), Glasgow (2nd), and Newcastle in the coveted number one spot.

Come on people, we need to step up our friendliness so widen that smile and start talking to every tourist you see, we’ll have that number one spot off the Geordies in no time.

Top 10 friendliest cities in the UK:

10) Nottingham
9) Southampton
8) Derry
7) Brighton and Hove
6) Liverpool
5) Bath
4) Manchester
3) York
2) Glasgow
1) Newcastle

You can check out the whole top 50 here.

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