Never forget the time Bury RSPCA’s shop sign went viral for all the wrong reasons


The RSPCA does some good work for animals, but they really shot themselves in the foot with a sign that appeared on one of their charity shops in Bury.

Although the photo of the sign is actually from August 2005, that didn’t stop it from going viral in 2013.

At the time thousands shared the picture of the shop front, and it quickly became an internet sensation -  so much so that it reappeared online again this week.

The unfortunate sign read ‘Helping Bury Animals’, which doesn’t really go with the RSPCA’s official mission statement that they will: “by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals.”

It turns out the facade was changed only a month after the store opened, when members of the public pointed out how bad it sounded.

Rhiannon Jones, one of the people in the photograph, told the Bury Times back in 2013 that the accidental pun drew a lot of attention from customers after it first appeared.

She said:

At the time we did have a lot of people coming in saying ‘do you realise how that sounds? It was flagged up almost immediately and quickly the slogan was changed to ‘Helping Local Animals’.

It always amazes me that people can look at things like this and not realise how bad it sounds...

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