People who can make a proper brew are more attractive, study finds

Nowt beats a good old brew, in the morning, in the morning again, at lunch, a few in the afternoon - sorted.

Tea in the north of England is more than just a warm refreshing drink, it’s a way of life, a unifying force that brings people and communities together, a reassuring beacon in times of hardship. Unlike down south, where they daintily sip tepid milky brews out of their best china, a cup of tea means something up here.

Northerners are renowned for their brew making abilities, which - according to a new study - means we’re all absolute 10/10 stunners as well. What a bonus.

Dating site Plenty of Fish conducted the survey, asking 2,500 singletons about how brews would affect their choice of partner, with one fifth saying the ability to make a proper cup of tea is a huge turn on.

On top of that, 69% (wheyyyyy) also said it’s very important to remember how your partner takes their tea, which to be honest should be standard practice. Obviously if their shade of brew is one step away from a snowman’s arse you need to just leave ASAP.

And on that note, 37% of respondents said making a weak brew would definitely put them off - to be honest that’s a worryingly low figure, have some self-respect people - and 17% would leave if their partner put too much sugar in.

Only 9% said that adding the milk before the water would be a deal breaker - 9 fucking per cent, seriously, that’s practically a war crime in Manchester.

I’m guessing the bulk of the people surveyed must be from down south, as some of these answers have shocked me to my core. Need to put the kettle on to settle my nerves, back in a sec...

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