Researchers want to hear your accent for their Manchester regional dialect map


Despite what Southerners might think, Greater Manchester has a rich and diverse range of different regional accents.

From Wigan to Salford and Stockport to Bury via inner-city Manchester, we’ve all got our own unique way of speaking - that’s part of what makes the region so great.

Now researchers want to hear your accent, as they attempt to put together a map of the accents, dialects and identities that make up Greater Manchester.


The Manchester Voices Map is being developed by sociolinguists from MMU, as part of the most ambitious regional language study of its kind.

Researchers Dr Rob Drummond and Dr Erin Carrie are leading the project, which aims to explore where different accents and dialects are spoken, as well as people’s perceptions of certain accents - whether they’re rough or posh, for example.

They aim to achieve this in several ways. The first is through an online map of people’s perceptions of the different accents and dialects - you can get involved now by describing the accents of each area online.


Secondly, they’re going to be heading out and about in their Accent Van from May to September 2020, travelling across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester to record people speaking - so as to both hear the regional variations and get their opinion on these different accents.

Lastly, they'll be conducting a series of surveys to track people’s attitudes towards the speech of the region, which will take place from July 2020 to September 2021.

The aim of the project is to challenge stereotypes, as well as boost regional pride and generally celebrate our diverse range of accents.


After the research is complete, the result will be a permanent exhibition in Central Library, featuring footage from the Voices project alongside historical recordings from across Greater Manchester.

They want at least 500 people to take part in the Manchester Voices Map, from as wide a range of backgrounds and ages as possible, so get involved.

For more information and to take part, check out the Manchester Voices Map website here.

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