The Manc Asks: Would you attend small social gatherings if permitted by the end of June?


Speculation is beginning to circulate across the country that small social gatherings may be permitted by the government at the end of June, but would you feel comfortable joining in?

The UK has now entered into the tenth week of lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and as per the exit roadmap set out by the government, the country is set to transition into the next phase of loosening guideline restrictions at the start of next month.

In addition to Primary Schools being given the green light to reopen from 1st June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already confirmed this week that outdoor markets and car dealerships should also look to resume business on that same date and “non-essential” retailers may start to reopen doors from 15th June.

Now, reports are emerging that the government is allegedly working on proposals to allow small social outdoor gatherings, such as garden parties or barbecues, and that these plans are said to be part of a wider implementation of ‘social bubbles’, which could see people mix with up to 10 others at a given time.

According to The Telegraph, it’s believed that this proposal could mirror measures taken in New Zealand.


Although matters have not yet been officially addressed by the Prime Minister or government corespondents, this hasn’t hindered speculations of the possibility of such events being permitted from continuing to generate traction across the country in various media outlets and on social platforms.

Views from members of the public on opposing sides of the fence have now started surfacing and it seems to be diving opinion already.

Here at The Manc, we always want to know where you stand.

After observing responses surrounding the above topic over the past few days, we have grown aware that many of you may either share similar, or contrasting viewpoints, so we wanted to gather your thoughts on this to help offer a wider understanding.

We took to Twitter to ask you, our loyal audience of Mancunians – ‘If the government allow small social gatherings by the end of June, including garden parties and barbecues, will you take advantage of it? Or continue with strict measures?’

This is how you reacted:

In just over five hours since posing the question live on our poll, we have received 951 votes (at the time of writing) and according to the standings, voting appeared to be signalling a rather even split, with views expressed for both stances in near equal measure.

58% of voters stated that they would choose to take advantage of the chance to host or attend small gatherings, should this be permitted by the government at the end of next month, whereas 42% of voters indicated that they would not feel comfortable in doing so and would personally opt for continuing with stricter social distancing measures.

We also invited additional follow-up comments, so here is a selection of responses that we received from members of the public wishing to elaborate upon their response:


Are you keen to have your say?

If you’ve not yet had the chance to respond our poll, then there is still time to cast your vote. Head on over to @TheMancUK on Twitter to take part, leave your thoughts and discuss matters with other Mancunians in the same position as you.


For the latest information, guidance and support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the UK, please do refer to the website here.


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