This ‘Hidden Manchester’ map unveils some of the city’s best kept secrets


Every city has its secrets. But in a region like Manchester, nothing stays hidden forever.

The civic pride is too strong, the history too rich, and the intrigue too great. Digging up old memories is just as important here as breaking new ground.

The archive of Mancunia dates back to the 1st Century, and whilst much of the city’s surface level history has been extensively retold, certain parts of the past are still buried below the surface of the streets.

An archaic network of tunnels and mines prop up the metropolis we see today. And one denizen has embarked on a journey of feverish research to map out these the hidden treasures for all to see.

Manchester Salford Junction Canal / Subbrit

Hidden Manchester – an interactive online map pinpointing forgotten subterranean spaces in the city – dives deep into the underground and brings a whole new world to light.

Covert routes to Manchester Cathedral. Caves tucked beneath the banks of the River Irwell. Tunnel networks passing through Manchester Conference Centre. A 15ft waterwheel submerged by Dale Street Warehouse. A nuclear-hardened facility in Spring Gardens created for secure Cold War communications.

There’s more below our feet than we ever could have possibly imagined.

The origins of Hidden Manchester itself are detailed on the site, with the creator explaining: “My fascination about Manchester’s underground features led me to compile this interactive map of features I read about and found mentioned around the internet.

“This was mostly for my own personal curiosity, and to allow me to get a feel for the layout of things I was reading about. As I added more and more I found it fascinating how rich the history of the city is and was well and truly hooked.”

Manchester Cathedral/Victoria Arches / Derelict Places

Descriptions, sources and links accompany each relic to enable readers to delve a little deeper if they desire, with a section set aside featuring instructions on how to navigate the map.

In the current circumstances, the future appears nothing short of uncertain. So, there’s never been a better moment to take a moment to look back and scratch the surface of what came before.

Just like the places it pays tribute to, ‘Hidden Manchester’ is a little-known gem with so much to explore.

You can view the map here.

Stay up-to-date with Hidden Manchester by following their official Twitter account: @HiddenManc.


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