Aldi is selling giant pigs in blanket kebabs for your BBQ

Turns out pigs in blankets aren’t just for Christmas after all.

Aldi has started selling the best BBQ treat you never knew you needed: GIANT pigs in blanket kebabs.

The budget supermarket is well-known for putting an experimental spin on this classic ingredient – even adding a six-foot long pig in blanket to its inventory over Christmas.

But we can’t recall ever seeing one of these bacon-wrapped beauties in barbecue season before.

Aldi’s mouth-watering kebabs contain 100% British pork sausages wrapped in Beechwood smoked cured streaky bacon – and are apparently ready to eat in around 25 minutes on the grill.

Sausage whirl kebabs are also being introduced to shelves in time for summer – containing swirls of pork meat that can be cooked to perfection in just over half an hour above the flames.

Both items are available in store right now.

And the best news of all? They’re only £1.99.

Enjoy your next-level barbecue.

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