Dominos posts hack for reheating pizza without getting a soggy base

ivan Torres / Unsplash

Most of us have the ability to get through a Domino’s pizza in a single sitting.

It invariably leaves us sprawled out on the sofa in a puddle of sweat, yes. But it’s worth it.

Of course, there are rare occasions when you don’t gobble down the entire takeaway. These include pizzas you purchase on a drunken night out (one bite and you’re out for the count); and the extra, XL pizza you were convinced you definitely needed (you didn’t) in order to get a better online deal.

Waking up to leftover pizza is never a bad thing. But it does present something of a predicament: How exactly do you reheat it without ruining the recipe?

Well, if it’s worth listening to anyone on this matter, it’s probably the pizza lovers over at Domino’s. These guys know their stuff.


Domino’s Australia has been releasing a series of reheating hacks on their blog and social channels in recent weeks.

Whilst some of them aren’t exactly recommended (popping pizza in the toaster left the poor host with an alarmingly smoky-looking kitchen), there is one trick that definitely caught the eye: Microwaving with water.

Apparently, you can stop your precious takeaway turning soggy by placing a glass of H2O alongside the slice and cooking both for 30 seconds.

Domino’s stated: “For those feeling next level hangry, who are keen to get stuck into their leftovers but want to step it up from the fridge, this hack goes down as the easiest (but not necessarily the most reliable) in history.

“To prevent a soggy slice, add a half full cup of water to the microwave with your pizza and heat for around 30 seconds. Crispiness not guaranteed, but worth a shot.”

The blog also explores reheating techniques like whacking pizza in the waffle iron and sizzling slices in the frying pan.

You can read more online.

All the methods look pretty easy to be fair. Choosing the “right” one comes down to how rough you’re feeling from the night before.

If the process of watching these videos is giving you a headache, just abandon it. We won’t judge. Domino’s is damn tasty when it’s cold, anyway…

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