Someone has created Yorkshire Pudding Cheeseburgers

This is definitely one of the best concoctions we’ve seen on the food page for some time.
Danny B/Rate My Plate

Rate My Plate is the biggest online exhibition of home-baked cuisine in the UK; differing from other food pages by dedicating as much digital space to dreadful dishes as it does to delights.

Many Facebook users come here to laugh at the clumsy undercooked concoctions, but others continue to circle back to find inspiration for new meals to whip on the weekends.

Not all the ambitious combinations work. In fact, most of them don’t. But one member of this ever-growing food community posted a hybrid meal recently that united Rate My Plate in collective awe.

Bow down to ‘Danny B’ – the creator of the Yorkshire Pudding Cheeseburger.

Danny B/Rate My Plate

The comments and likes came pouring in for the popular post; which featured images of perfectly-cooked cheeseburgers tucked up tight inside their very own little pastry duvet.

Rate My Plate dedicated a blog post to the beauty – which appeared to strike the balance between a homely baked treat and gourmet delicacy.

Danny B/Rate My Plate

The dish doesn’t come with an accompanying recipe, sadly. But it appears to involve digging enough of a hole inside the Yorkshire in which to bury your already-cooked cheeseburger and closing up the pastry and baking in the oven.

Something for you to have a go at this weekend and satisfy your newfound enthusiasm for baking?

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