Someone’s discovered the perfect hack on how to squeeze a lemon

Looking to eek more juice from your fruit? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Most schools are shut. Some universities have stopped lessons. Many independent courses have been cancelled.

It’s been a tough time for education. But that doesn’t mean we’re not learning anything.

In the kitchen, we’re picking up new ideas every day.

Social media food hacks have been in plentiful supply during lockdown. Some big highlights have included the magic of OXO cube-powered roast potatoes, an easy recipe for Percy Pig cocktails, and a realisation that baked cookies can be adapted for the breakfast bowl.

But this lemon hack doing the rounds on TikTok is perhaps the best we’ve seen so far.

User @johannawestbrook begins the video by explaining she’d spotted the hack elsewhere on the platform – and decides to test the trick out for herself.

She takes a skewer and pierces one end of the lemon, running the stick right through the body. The theory is that doing this makes it so much easier to squeeze juice from the fruit.

Joanna’s delighted exclamation reveals that it does indeed a work a treat.

Not only does the juice come running out at rapid speeds, there’s no seeds to be seen anywhere.

Turns out eeking juice is actually easy peasy lemon squeezy…

Watch the video in full on TikTok.

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