The Manc - You can now buy Creme Egg flavoured rum"

You can now buy Creme Egg flavoured rum


Easter is just around the corner, so now is as good a time as any to crack out a bottle of Creme Egg flavoured rum and knock it back in celebration of Jesus, if you want.

The fantastic people of Sweet little Drinks have done it again and have rustled up a new rum tipple inspired by one of Cadbury's most beloved children, the delightful Creme Egg.

Sweet Little Drinks

The flavour is created from a mixture of chocolate and fondant flavoured rum, and SLD suggest pairing it with Coca Cola - but who wouldn't do that anyway?

The Creme Egg rum liqueur is 18% abv and comes in a cute 50cl heart-shaped bottle. Each one will set you back £21.99.

You can purchase it from here. Treat yaself.

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