A Friends cookbook packed with recipes from the show is being released

Warner Bros

A recipe book boasting a huge range of dishes featured in the smash-hit comedy Friends is set to be released this autumn.

The forthcoming hardback contains more than fifty recipes inspired by – and appearing on – the enormously successful sitcom.

Examples include Monica’s Thanksgiving Feast, Rachel’s crazy trifle, and Phoebe’s secret-recipe cookies (Nest-lay Toul-ouse).

Warner Bros.

There’s also a method for the “Moist Maker” (don’t tell Ross), some “Just for Joey Fries” (he doesn’t share), and Chandler’s “Milk You Can Chew” (we’re guessing that’s probably some sort of cheese dish…).

The sad news is that the book won’t be hitting shelves until September, but you can reserve a copy online right now. They’re already going faster than Monica’s Christmas Candy.

Pre-order the Friends: The Official Cookbook on Amazon here.

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