A wizard themed Bingo night is being streamed next month

It seems like there's never any barriers when it comes to bingo. Everyone is up for a game. 

The golden generation love it. The young party crowd lap it up (see Bongo's Bingo for proof). And if this event here is anything to go by, bingo is even being played by magical beings.

A special session of Wizard Bingo is actually being streamed from a magical dimension next month - and you can join if your costume's good enough to blend in.

There'll be prizes and surprises throughout the night - with a special award reserved for the watcher wearing the greatest wizard robes.


Events organiser The Big Fat Quiz have been providing something of a public service during lockdown - hosting a huge variety of themed quizzes and games to keep the nation entertained.

Magic quizzes, TV show games and even brunch clubs have all been on the agenda so far. But this Wizard's Bingo is definitely one of their most alluring offerings so far.

The description for the event reads:

"Get out your wands put on your cloaks and cast a spell that your lucky numbers come out!

"Join us in a magical Virtual wizard bingo night, immerse yourself in a night of wizard entertainment, we have themed prizes throughout the whole night, these can be won in different ways, from best dressed to winning the bingo game!

"We will have trivia questions at different points for bonus prizes and much more!"


This magical bingo night will take place on Saturday 13 June, 7pm - 8.30pm.

Tickets are £7 a pop - but you can get a 20% discount by including ‘themanc’ code at the checkout.

Head over to the ticket page to book your spot.

Tickets and a link to the live event will be sent out 48 hours before the bingo begins.

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