Aldi is selling luxury beds for pets this Christmas


If you want to treat your pet to something truly special this Christmas, Aldi have you covered.

The budget supermarket is releasing a line of luxury furniture just for animals - and these cushy creature comforts are available just in time for the 25th!


If your pooch is unashamedly posh, or you have a feline who enjoys the finer things in life, these casual beds should definitely serve to satisfy their opulent tastes.

Aldi's range includes Xmas igloos, oval beds and tiny teepees - all built with high-quality, fashionable material.

The pet sofa is perhaps the pick of the bunch, however. Priced at £39.99, it comes with a removable cushion and elevated legs; ensuring your furry friend drifts off quickly and always enjoys a great night’s sleep.


You can view the Aldi luxury pet range here.

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