Aldi selling sausages filled with gooey Red Leicester cheese


Sausages are great, and gooey, melty cheese is also great, so a combination of the two is a guaranteed winner in my book.

And the good news is Aldi has created just this, with their brand new Specially Selected Red Leicester cheese sausages.

These bad boys are perfect for the BBQ - whenever the good weather comes back - with an outer layer of 100% British pork and a gooey Red Leicester filling.

And that’s not the only limited edition meat the supermarket’s bringing out next week, with several other new additions which look set to brighten up any BBQ.

This includes Salt & Chilli Belly Slices (£2.79), Louisiana Pork Riblets (£1.89) and 28-Day Thick Cut Sirloin Steak (£3.99), and they’re all out on the same day as the cheesy bangers.

They’ll be available in Aldi stores across the nation from Thursday August 15th, and will set you back £1.89 for a pack of six.

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