Asda launch giant Colin The Caterpillar cake called Colossal Clyde


A party is never really a party until Colin the Caterpillar comes out for a sesh.

The iconic kid’s cake has been a staple at birthdays for years, and his familiar smiling face is guaranteed to bring waves of nostalgia flooding back.

But it seems that poor old Colin simply isn’t enough for the youngsters in 2019, and Asda have announced they’re launching an even bigger version of the cake - Colossal Clyde.


Besides his questionable name, Clyde also boasts an impressive length of 45cm and feeds a total of 24 people, although I reckon I could take him down solo.

He only costs £12 as well, which I would say is a pretty reasonable price, and he'll be available in-store and online from April.

And just like good old Col’, Asda’s version consists of soft chocolate sponge rolled up with chocolate flavoured buttercream, coated in - you guessed it - milk chocolate and topped with colourful decorations. He’s just bigger. A lot bigger, which is why they call Clyde ‘Colossal’.

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