Asda selling burgers with a hole in the middle you can fill with cheese


There’s only a few things in the world better than a good burger, and they are a good pint, a good nap, a good brew, and a good burger but with cheese and potentially egg.

If that last one caught your attention, then I’ve got some good news for you - Asda are selling a burger with a hole in it you can fill with cheese.

And cheese isn’t the only thing you can get in there, the world is literally your oyster, and you could stuff an egg, pulled pork, or even a Pot Noodle in there if you’re feeling freaky.


The new donut burgers come in a 280g pack of two for £1.97, which seems a little steep considering they’ve literally removed part of the burger.

As is tradition, the burgers are made from beef, and the main advantage of having a holey patty is you can whack it in a bagel and the two food items will work together in perfect harmony.

The burgers are currently on sale at all 631 Asda supermarkets nationwide, as well as online, now let’s just hope the weather sorts itself out and we can crack out the BBQs again.

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