The Manc - Batman the Chorlton Tram Cat has been found"

Batman the Chorlton Tram Cat has been found

Batman aka Tram Cat

In what is some good news to start another dreary, cold winter's day, the Chorlton Tram Cat has been found safe and sound.

Batman, who went missing on Sunday evening, was picked up late last night by his owner Nicci in West Didsbury after receiving news that he'd made his way into a home there.

Speaking to The Manc, Nicci said: "He talked all the way home in the car... like he was trying to tell me how awful it had all been!"

He's been found!!!!!!I am sooooooooooo happy! He's in West Didsbury! (Must have got the tram there!!) I'm off to get...

Posted by Batman AKA Tram Cat on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

"I still think someone took him and he managed to escape... if he’d been out on the streets since Saturday I think he would have been much thinner and dirtier."

"The lovely couple who rescued him (Laura and Alexander) were so lovely and kind. Batman was very clever to choose them to follow home!"

Nicci announced the news that Batman had returned home on his Facebook page last night to an overwhelming response. The post has racked up over 2,000 likes, 500 comments and 500 shares in a matter of hours.

Batman aka Tram Cat

Writing on Facebook, Nicci said: "He’s very hungry and a little skittish compared to his usual chilled out self and he’s lost that big round tummy he’d been developing recently!"

She continued: "I think he’s had a really tough few days... so nothing but food and love for Batman now. Most important thing is that he is home, safe and sound and more loved than ever!"

Batman is home just in time for Christmas, but he's not the only beloved pet that will go missing this month, or the next. Join our Facebook Group of over 40,000 Mancunians and make sure your voice is heard when a loved one goes missing.

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