The Manc - Bean bag onesies are now a thing and you'll never have to stand again"

Bean bag onesies are now a thing and you’ll never have to stand again


Ever found yourself in a situation when you've been standing and waiting for so long that your legs just give up? Probably in Primark, or the Arndale, or for a First bus? Well your problems are now solved! Kind of.

Thanks to ThinkGeek, Beanbag onesies are now officially a thing that exist, and will allow you to join your missus for half a day of picking things up and putting them back in Primark - as they come with their own built in beanbag seat for you to drop back on whenever you're feeling weak at the knees.


The onesie is made from cotton fleece for ultimate comfort and comes in a vibrant green colour. Sorry guys, no red or blue ones available just yet.

Each one will set you back around £69, which could be considered steep, however when you think of all the extra sitting you can do in a single day, no price is too expensive!


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