This is why noisy chewing makes people so angry

Have you ever found yourself sat in a restaurant becoming overwhelmingly enraged by the sound of the guy across the room loudly slurping his soup, or someone sitting next to you on the train crunching crisps?

Well if you have then you could suffer from misophonia, a genuine psychiatric disorder which means you hate sounds like eating, chewing, drinking, repeated pen-clicking and loud breathing.

Let’s face it, people loudly slurping their coffee first thing in the morning is irritating enough as it is, so I can only imagine how how much of a struggle life would be for someone suffering from this condition.

Misophonia was first named as a condition back in 2001. According to a report in Current Biology, scans of people suffering from it show changes in brain activity when a trigger sound was heard.

People who suffer from the condition have an abnormality in their emotional control mechanism which forces their brains to go into overdrive when they hear triggers, causing their heart rate to increase as well as making them sweat.

Sounds pretty unpleasant doesn’t it, so next time you’re aggressively scoffing a Greggs sausage roll on the tram, have a bit more consideration for those around you.

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