Blackpool looking ‘like the Mediterranean’ during UK lockdown heatwave

Rijay Parmar ©

These amazing photos show that even Blackpool’s had a bit of a glow up during lockdown too.


What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Blackpool?

Blackpool Tower? The Pleasure Beach? Days at the beach? Nights out? The llluminations? Whatever it is you associate with the Lancashire town, most Mancs will have some fond memories of the place. Now, it does unfortunately have a bit of a reputation that precedes it too, but perhaps these photos will change your mind and make you think a little differently about the popular seaside destination.

A local photographer has taken some recent aerial shots of the sea front and people can’t believe their eyes.

It looks different. It so obviously is Blackpool and there’s no denying that as the tower stands tall and proud at the heart of most of the shots, but it just looks different, and we mean different in a good way.

Of course, the blue skies and beaming sunshine that we’ve been so lucky with over lockdown definitely goes a long way to helping, but it looks better than ever before and some have even likened the turquoise-toned Irish sea to looking like the Mediterranean.

Rijay Parmar, of Rijay Parmar Photography – a landscape, portrait and wedding photographer from Preston – shared the astounding seaside shots to social media last week and they have garnered plenty of well-deserved attention and feedback from people all over the North West.

The post read: “Aerial shots over Blackpool [and the] clearest I’ve seen the water as well.”[0]=68.ARC734q4yEHIqP_V2JzfCQ4bqvKEMCDV5hc2SFVYvaGy5PD1WUm0NPDsiKiNr1x4kf2tvGfW49esOCSbBTvPlpDZ6MwUUR4kLF-ZVxWtYBu7dqM54-nyfD6jpv7PYBQXOcblNQjnRWyX7uKMUatQEWbn1I66WZ_psReGy5aDDia0bQxkDjBmevi6r5eUfbb1KpC1dLmKx6vLfGf5bXhiX-EenDvylWzCh3ESbUQ43KzKz-LKqEvqk2bPxh9FauDFoU3iC6JTiLedgth60trbsIpRH_2NO8M6dyY&__tn__=-R
Rijay Parmar ©
Rijay Parmar ©
Rijay Parmar ©
Rijay Parmar ©
Rijay Parmar ©
Rijay Parmar ©

Now do you see what we mean? Just look at that pristine blue water.

It’s glorious.

It must be said that whilst empty beaches and blue skies are certainly tempting, it is still ever-important to consider circumstances before making any trips to coastal locations, local beauty spots and more. Do ensure that necessary social distancing practices are adhered to at all times and contact with other people is limited.

For more information and to check official government guidelines amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, please refer to here.



If you would like to view this full collection of photographs, then you can do so here.

For more of Rijay Parmar’s work, head on over to to view his portfolio, or you also can find him on Instagram here.

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