B&M has launched a VapoRub-inspired candle


Christmas is just around the corner, so one day very soon, you’ll inevitably start to get that scratchy feeling at the back of your throat. It’s sod’s law.

You can’t help catching a cold during the winter holidays, but thanks to B&M, there's a way to ease that congestion as soon as you step in through your door.

The budget store are launching a very different kind of flu remedy this year - a vapour candle.

It's Gone Viral

Once lit, this product fills your home with a congestion-soothing scent that serves as a surefire solution for the sniffles.

It also keeps your home smelling fresh for hours - even when the whole family are struck down by a winter virus.

Oh, and they’re only 59p each.


So, if you were unlucky enough to get trapped in a Metrolink carriage with serial sneezers this morning, it might be worth swinging by B&M after work and grabbing a candle or two.

You can also buy them online here.

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