B&M selling garden sun loungers for dogs with style


You may remember we recently brought you the news that B&M is selling a water fountain for your furry little friend to keep hydrated over summer.

Well they’ve added another item to their must-have summer dog collection - a garden lounger, for all the elegant hounds out there.

Now your pooch can sit back and relax in style, catching a bit of a tan before heading over to their fountain for a refreshing drink.


All the basic bitches (get it) will be looking on in envy as your dog lounges about living their best life, and all for a bargain price.

B&M is selling the loungers for £14.99, and the raised beds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - on top of that they’ll help your pets maintain their body temperature, and protect them from any parasites or insects in the grass.

They come in green and grey, are 129cm x 80cm in size and are available at B&Ms nationwide.

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