B&M selling doormat sensor that sings Christmas songs when you walk on it


Need an injection of Christmas cheer this year? Not feeling the spirit as much? Well have we found the product for you.

B&M is famous for its scarily cheap but pretty incredible products and this singing Christmas doormat sensor is definitely in that category.


Coming in at a whoppingly low £4.99 you can stick the sensor under any doormat, but we'd suggest copping one of B&M's also very cheap Xmas mats to complete the effect.

The festive gadget switches between classics 'We Wish You A Very Christmas' and 'Jingle Bells' and has become massively popular in those bargain Facebook groups that all of your aunties are in.


This product in particular has racked up thousands of likes and comments in said groups, so we assume it will already be flying off shelves.

So we suggest you get yourself in the car tomorrow and burn to your local B&M, because what is Christmas without a really f*cking annoying singing doormat?

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