B&M selling water fountain for dogs they can use themselves


Earlier we brought you the exciting news that you can now buy a best friend necklace for you and your dog.

But this isn’t the only way to treat your furry little friend this summer, there’s something else you can purchase which is decidedly more practical than a silver necklace.

And it comes from our good friends at B&M - introducing their brand new Pet Water Fountain.


Your dog will be able to work it without your help, so they can fix themselves a nice cold drink of water whenever they want - pets prefer drinking fresh water rather than from a bowl that’s sat there all day, which is why they often love taps and streams.

All you have to do is attach it to a garden hose and switch the water supply on, and once it’s activated by a thirsty pup’s paw a stream of water will erupt from its jet.

And the best thing is they’ll only set you back £6.99. They’re now available in B&M stores nationwide, so get yourself down to your nearest location stat.

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