BMW drivers voted most hated on UK roads


We live in an age where road rage is part of our daily routine. It's even therapeutic for some people. Letting out your rage and allowing the red mist to descend while you're behind the wheel can be a good stress reliever for some - others not so much.

But it's usually a specific type of driver, or car, that triggers road users the most. It's not an Audi, or a Range Rover, or even a mid-life crisis induced sports car. I mean, yes, all of those cars are usually driven by w*nkers, but none of them piss people off more than the average BMW does, and the chopper behind its steering wheel.


Research carried out by WMB Logistics recently surveyed 2,267 Brit drivers who were all over the age of 18, held a full UK driver's license and owned their own car.

The participants were asked a range of questions, including questions about road safety, and if they think they are safe drivers themselves - in which 100% of those surveyed said they were, obviously.

The research also drilled down on who are the safest type of road users, with lorry drivers taking the top spot due to how much time they spend on the roads. They received 22 per cent of the votes while parents thankfully followed very closely with 21 per cent.


But that's enough about good drivers, you're not here for that. So let's find out who and what is the most hated entity on a pothole riddled, British road.

When it came to the worst people on the road, or more specifically, the worst car most often linked with a bad driver, the BMW 1 Series took the gold medal. This was then followed up by, surprisingly, the trusty Vauxhall Corsa and MORE surprisingly, the Ford C-Max. Then came the VW Polo and the much-hated Audi A4.

My guess is that there are a lot of boy racers zipping about in Vauxhall Corsas, but I've never been rear ended, or overtaken by a Ford C-Max, so I'm stumped there. The Audi A4 is way too low in that list for me, too, but I can't disagree with the BMW placement - and I'm sure you can't, either.

Men aged 25-35 were also identified as the most unsafe drivers, in terms of demographics. So basically, if you're a 27 year-old fella driving a BMW... you're not very well liked, mate.

Be safe out there, folks. And look out for dangerous Ford C-Max drivers.

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