Brits steal over £3million worth of teabags from hotels every year

First of all, is it actually stealing if it’s a complimentary teabag? They’ve been put there for you to drink free of charge, so whether you drink it there or at home later then that’s really up to the customer.

Either way, ‘stealing’ teabags is possibly the most British crime imaginable so fair play to us.

A new study from Bolsover Cruise Club found that UK holidaymakers steal over £3million worth of tea bags from hotels every year - that’s a lot of illegal brews.

Coruberbenda / Wikimedia

We’re also nicking a lot of toiletries, with Brits stealing travel-sized toiletries to a total value of £65million each year, and full-sized toiletries to the tune of £31million.

Tea and coffee were in the top three items taken by Brits from hotels, although they weren’t the most stolen item.

According to the research, hotel towels were top of the list of must steal items, even though they’ve most likely been used by hundreds of complete strangers.


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