Controversial study finds North of England starts in a completely different place


I always thought that the question over where the North of England begins was well and truly answered - owt south of Sheffield is the Midlands, end of discussion.

However, a study by academics at Liverpool University has reopened the debate, angering northerners everywhere by claiming the north-south divide actually starts in Leicestershire.

Fucking Leicestershire, you having a laugh?

Where they claim the North of England starts

According to them, the population centre has moved from Upper Midway in Derbyshire to Snarestone in Leicestershire as more people are moving to the south east for ‘better employment’ opportunities.

They figured this horeshit out by gathering population data on the UK’s most densely populated areas, and going off this they worked out the north-south divide.

The North of England is a historic region with a variety of accents and proud heritages, just because people have been moving down London for a fancy new job doesn’t mean you can mess with that and claim everything above Leicestershire is up north.

Where the North of England actually starts

Chris Lloyd, the Professor who led the project, said:

Our study of population changes in Britain finds that the population centre for each Census has moved steadily further south from Upper Midway in Derbyshire to Snarestone in Leicestershire, as the population of the country has shifted towards the south east. This reflects a north-south divide in population growth, with more rapid growth in London and the south east of England than elsewhere.

Keep your rapid growth, we’ve got cheap pints, a Greggs on every corner, more culture than you can shake a stick at, and the ability to actually buy a house without going bankrupt.


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