Deliveroo advert banned from TV after hundreds of complaints

In the most 2019 news of the year so far, Deliveroo have had to discontinue a TV advert after it was complained about over 300 times.

We say discontinue, it's actually been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for misleading customers.

The ASA ruled the company was wrong to suggest that people could receive multiple deliveries from different restaurants in one single package.

The advert shows a woman diving into a bag and handing out multiple different takeaways of various cuisines to people in her living room.

Deliveroo does make an effort to display a small on-screen message, saying: "geographical restrictions apply" and "separate orders must be made for each restaurant". But ASA is having none of it.

In its ruling, they said: "While we acknowledged Deliveroo's willingness to include additional on-screen text to clarify the nature of their service, we considered such text was unlikely to be sufficient to alter the overall impression that their customers could order food from different restaurants to be delivered together."

"Because that was not the case, and because the ad did not state that a delivery charge would be applied to each order from a different restaurant, we concluded it was likely to mislead."

Deliveroo hit back though, and in a statement, said: "For the record, you can't actually dive into your Deliveroo bag, however hungry you are."

"The advert is clearly fantastical in nature, including a woman diving into a Deliveroo bag."

Fair enough, I suppose. At least they're not as hated as the GoCompare guy, who tops the charts for most complained about TV advert of the year.

But I won't go into that one right now, because that guy makes my blood boil.

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