Disqualified driver blows past unmarked police car in £206k McLaren

Lancashire Police

A disqualified driver has had his supercar seized after unwittingly overtaking an unmarked police car at more than 100mph.

The eye-catching orange McLaren 720S – which is capable of topping 200mph – tore past officers on the M61 near Rivington, a few miles north-west of Bolton.

Police caught up to the car and pulled it over – only to discover the culprit was actually banned from being behind the wheel.

Lancashire Road Police posted an image of the vehicle on their official Twitter page.

The tweet read: “HO30 (in an unmarked police car) was overtaken on the motorway at well over 100mph by this Maclaren. When pulled over it was discovered the driver was disqualified, but doesn’t it look ace in the recovery yard. #sweet

They even added an artistic filter to show off their latest addition to the impound lot.

“I bet it was decided to drive it to the yard instead of back of truck?!” joked one user.

Lancs Police replied: “Oh yes! At the request of the owner, all of HO30’s birthdays came at once today.”

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