Drinking tea could increase life expectancy, study suggests


We all know there’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea in the morning, or when you’re hungover, or at work when you need an excuse to do nowt for ten minutes, or with a full English - to be perfectly honest, there’s never a bad time to enjoy a brew.

Tea in the north of England is more than just a warm refreshing drink, it’s a way of life, a unifying force that brings people and communities together, a reassuring beacon in times of hardship. Unlike down south, where they daintily sip tepid milky brews out of their best china, a cup of tea means something up here.


Which is why this research into the impact of tea on life expectancy will be welcome news to all northern ears.

For the study researchers from the University of Western Australia looked at the diets of over 1,000 women in their 70s and 80s.

They looked at the impact flavonoid intake had on older women’s risk of death from any cause, finding those with the highest flavonoid intake had the greatest reduced risk of death. Flavonoids are a type of plant compound thought to provide health benefits through their antioxidant effects, and are found in various food and drinks, including tea, coffee and chocolate.

According to the study, people who drank the equivalent of just two brews a day were 40% more likely to live longer lives, which makes me pretty much superhuman at this point.

Builder's Tea

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded:

“Using the most comprehensive flavonoid databases, we provide evidence that high consumption of flavonoids is associated with reduced risk of mortality in older women. The benefits of flavonoids may extend to the etiology of cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

But it’s not only older people who can benefit from drinking loads of tea. Speaking to the Daily Mail, dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton said:

“Of course, you don’t need to wait until old age to enjoy the benefits of tea. Studies in younger adults show that regular tea drinking lowers the risk of heart disease because tea flavonoids improve vascular flow.

“Tea also contains a modest amount of caffeine which has been proven to boost alertness and concentration. New research shows that fluoride and flavonoids in tea are good for dental health as they kill off the bacteria that cause decay and bad breath.”

So basically guys, just keep on drinking tea, forever, and you'll be sound.

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