EasyJet set to resume flights from 15 June

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EasyJet will launch commercial flights again from 15 June – with staff and passengers required to wear face masks during travel.

Routes will restart from 21 European airports, including London Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Belfast, and Isle of Man.

A wide array of new safety measures are being introduced to ensure the wellbeing of those on board, including enhanced cleaning, compulsory PPE, and social distancing measures at gates.

Food services are also being temporarily suspended, with stocks of hand sanitiser and gloves being added to cabins.

Wikimedia Commons

Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet, commented: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew remains our highest priority which is why we are implementing a number of measures enhancing safety at each part of the journey from disinfecting the aircraft to requiring customers and crew to wear masks. 

“These measures will remain in place for as long as is needed to ensure customers and crew are able to fly safely as the world continues to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

EasyJet planes will also travel from a number of airports in France, Switzerland, Portugal, and Spain from next month.

The airline says it expects to “increase flying as customer demand continues to build and restrictions are relaxed.”

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