Firefighters battle through the night to tame Cheetham Hill fire

Manchester firefighters have spent the entire night tackling the towering blaze in Cheetham Hill.

An industrial property on Bradstone Road was seen engulfed in flames around 10pm on Tuesday.

Eight fire engines and two aerial platforms arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, working ten hours non-stop to tame the monstrous flames.

Raul Gonzalez / @rginfinito

The fire has since been quelled, although a small cadre of firefighters remain on the scene to prevent any chance of the building reigniting.

The roads and businesses in the surrounding area are now open again.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing.

Thankfully, there have been no reports of any injuries so far.

Yet again, another incredible effort from Manchester Fire and Rescue, who were on the scene within minutes last night and battled through the early hours to ensure minimal disruption.

All roads are open this morning thanks to the amazing work by every fire crew and police officer on scene. Sterling job.

More to follow as we get it.

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