Friends and family in England can meet in gardens from Monday

Downing Street

Boris Johnson has announced that all five tests have been met and lockdown easing will begin on Monday.

Speaking at tonight’s live coronavirus press briefing, the prime minster says the next steps for easing lockdown will be “limited and cautious”.

First, he announced that schools will re-open to more children from Monday 1 June.

He said: “Closing schools has deprived children of their education and as so often most disadvantage are hardest hit.”

Then, on 15 June, secondary schools will begin face to face contact time for years 10 and 12.

However, things swiftly moved onto social impact quite quickly…

He said that from Monday, up to six people will be allowed to meet outside subject to social distancing rules in England.

The PM says there has been a “toll taken on family and friends unable to see each other”, so people will be able to meet in public spaces and private outdoor spaces if those from different households stay two metres apart.

He said: “These changes mean friends and family will start to meet loved ones,” but admins there is a “long awaited and joyful moment”.


This mean you will be able to see family members that you haven’t seen for weeks, including both grandparents at once, as long as you keep two metres apart.

Johnson says that he is “hopeful in the coming weeks we may be able to do more”, but that protecting the health and safety of the public is the government’s “number one priority”.

More to follow.

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