Galaxy truffles are back and are officially on shelves in Tesco

Chocolate lovers and just general greedy b*stards nationwide, it's time to get out the party poppers and quit that diet for the foreseeable future.

It looks like Mars has just re-introduced Galaxy truffles, after the chocolate company devastated fans by ripping them away back in 2011 – which, may I remind you, is EIGHT years ago. What.

The legendary range, which is now already stocked on shelves in Tesco, come in their own little bespoke box and there doesn't seem to be an end date for them, either. Thank God.



They'll set you back £5 for 206g, but for those of you with a monster sweet tooth, a bigger box weighing 329g will cost £7.49 and will be available around mid-September.

And with news breaking yesterday that Mars may also be introducing a WHITE chocolate Maltesers truffle range, it seems the confectionary king is gearing up for a big Winter.

Grab yourself some truffles nationwide now, in store and online – and thank us later!

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